TruckinVapor wrote:

Thanks CnrSngl... For the lazy. ;)

I could not manage to share video in proper way, I don't know how :) So, thanks for your help.

By the way, guys I could not resist and mailed Sxk. It is like: (Sorry my english is bad :))

''I do not know you guys seen it but you must manufacture 'Entheon Rda By Psyclone mods'. It is upgraded version of Hadaly Rda and you will sell like millions of it. Please make it ASAP and sent to Fasttech ASAP so we can buy it from them :) And please try to make its parts and sell them with Rda (SQUONK PIN (important), beauty ring, drip tips and adapters, different 510 drip tips, etc.. Please, this time you make it like 1 to 1 for all as you suppose to do. Thanks.''