To help out a few that havnt tried some of the " best" dippers i will attempt to explain my findings..

I have tried dozens but will restrict my comments to the ones that i have found to be the best... Bear in mind that i personally prefer single coil and restricted air flavor chasing. At the the moment my main 4 dripper preferences would be Odis O-Atty, Narda, Hadaly, Wasp

The Odis is currently my favorite, the angled air holes just seem to magically prevent gurgling.
I dont like the tear shaped air holes on the o-atty, not great for fine control and the coil clamps are a bit fiddly.
I have recently machined a new top cap which is shorter and has only 1 small airhole for more restricted MTL air- amazing vape!

The narda has tighter and better air control as standard and is my second pick.. the coil screws are OK but a better clamping system would be appreciated.

The Hadaly has the best clamping system of the lot, Airflow can be restricted a certain amount but never seems to be quite right for an MTL vape.

The Wasp is really cheap and has a "bit of character".. Airflow on these is the most open of this lot, but can be tamed a bit by tapping up one of the holes.
The layout of the deck suits a long coil, the clamp layouts are spaced a fair way apart-- i use a 24g spaced coil on this dripper.

Over all they are all really good droppers.. dont think there is any difference in flavor between them if you find their sweet spot (coil/ wicking/ airflow/ wattage)

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