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Gurgling and flooding
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Obey the law
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4C2O_ wrote:

digitally_vaporized wrote:
Have you ever had a tank that worked perfectly both inside and out in the cold?

DDP one will not leak under any conditions, regardless the wick (rayon/cotton/mesh). Period

And the BY-Ka v.6, of course.

I use both the original 2,5ml Nano (1,7mm deck, vaping organic tobacco on 55/40/5 PG/VG/H2O base) and the 5ml clones (vaping any kind of juice except tobacco, usually on 50/50 base)
In three years of home and outside daily vape - in summer, in winter, with hundreds of builds - they never leaked a drop.

I have the By-Ka v.7, too, both the originals (Nano and Standard), and the old Yosen clone bought here on FT: it's actually very, very close to the v.6 in reliability, but IMHO it's not as 100% leak-proof.

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