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Small wicking ports = less e-juice absorption?
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#1 (permalink)      11/29/2017 2:55:00 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Small wicking ports = less e-juice absorption?
Just wondering why SMOK consistently chooses to utilizes smaller than average wicking ports (the cutouts that allow e-juice to reach the organic cotton). Is it because they are hoping to make more money through coil head replacements? Anybody who took high school physics will know there is nothing positive about using this style of wicking port = less wicking surface area = less e-juice absorption.
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Wrong. If you were just taking the only consideration of saturation based upon no other factors you would be correct. That would be considered a constant. Size of wicking ports based on no other factors than the e-juice saturating the coils. It would be optimal to have very large juice wicking ports.

You consider absorption also based upon the drawing in effect when the user pulls the ejuice into the coil area via taking a drag off of it then the wicking holes are not to small. You also have to consider the heat factor in with the draw factor occurring when the user is taking a drag.

You have to balance out the type of ejuice being used in its ratio as well. You could say with the size of the wicking ports that using 100 percent VG would not be an optimal choice. If you were to use a 50 percent PG ratio with a 50 percent VG ratio then you would be at the optimal choice for the wicking ports.

Physics is not just based off of a constant but also on variables. Should the manufacture state the optimal E-Juice ratio based upon VG/PG percentages? Yes.

You also do not want a flooding scenario to occur either. Which SMOK coils were famous for. If you want to make a counter point feel free to do so.
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All I know is the coils are horrible so far. I've used the one that came preinstalled. I only bought this to use the rba, which still hasn't been released
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I concur with DR.Lucifer

As for the notorious leakage, I don't experience that at all with any of my Smok tanks; must be because I take the time to close juice and air before refilling, refill as quickly as I can and close-up the lid fast when done...then reopen everything...and adjust the air reasonably so not to create nor flooding nor dry hits.
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I won't even think of grabbing it until the RBA is out.
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I thought i could do rba with the tfv12 to but its just wrong sizes of the coils. I stopped buying smok products after that, now i only use rtas and rdas and i couldnt be happier :)