In temperature control, have found so far that the locked resistance appears to changes when you change the batteries when the atty is hot. It does the same thing if you reinstall a hot atty onto it! If you fire it without the atty on it, the screen will show it at zero even after you install the atty.

It still seems to fire fine, so I think the resistance originally locked is probably valid in Temperature Control.

When you set available watts in temperature control, it does not effect the preheat setting. The minimum preheat setting is 100W! If you vape with lower wattage coils, it will fry your wick if you use this setting at all, but it doesn't need it anyways for my use.

I always advise to set the available watts at no more than 15% to 20% above the wattage you would usually use without temperature control, but programming my change my opinion about that subject.

I guess it was time to rewick my coil anyways. It been in use for several months in TC in different attys. I even had to change the juice and clean it out after leaving the preheat function on.

I still love this Mod!