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Mod gets warmer than others, especially when charging
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#1 (permalink)      3/6/2018 4:01:40 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Mod gets warmer than others, especially when charging
Hello guys

I have been using the mod for over a month now. When vaping 0.4 ohms around 40 watts on serpent smm, unlike other mods I am using, it gets warm. When I am using peerless rda around 70 watts, it gets even warmed. Internal temperatures showing around 42-43 degrees up to 46.

Charging is even scarier, it gets very warm, unlike any other mod I have charged so far. Internal temperature shows around 47 degrees, and batteries are very warm as well. Batteries i use are lg hg2's and he4's.

How is yours?
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I would recommend an external charger for your batteries. Not a fan of plug-n-go mods so once batteries are getting flat, I exchange them from the charged ones. But that's me.

Another reason for an external charger, if any issues with the batteries while charging externally then you would not fear your mod being affected.

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Just charged mine for once through the usb port, no heat problems.
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just a few hot for mine , no heat problems also with usb charging
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Got 2, no heat problems at all. Charge my batts externally so can't comment on that. Excellent mod, may get a third.
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The mod does get warm when charging batteries inside @ 2amps .. that aside, ANY metallic mod will get warm if you put an RDA on top and hit it at high wattages as the heat from the RDA gets transferred to the body of the mod..

I've been using mine for a month and just ordered a second one. It's so damn tiny and is total value for money ...

I'm loving this mod :)