kungfu77 wrote:

MVP3 did it better

what are you on about?

They're still talking about using the mod as a power bank instead of charging one from a power bank. The Innokin MVP V3 had a cable and a connector built in for use as a power bank so you didn't have to add an accessory to the 510 connector. It has nothing to do with your original question.

There are two possibilities for your issue: either your power bank isn't providing an output your mod likes (voltage out of range altogether, or a ramping curve that puts the voltage out of range initially so the mod doesn't recognise you're trying to charge, so no connection ever gets made for charging voltage to be raised by the power bank), or the power bank doesn't like the way your mod responds to attempts to give it power (current out of range on initial connection). Either way, it's just a matter of two devices that don't want to play together because each has a different idea of how to approach the safety question.