It's just organic cotton, really. I think they blend some rayon, and this newer version is thicker, but mostly your typical organic Jap Muji-tasting cotton. Same vulnerability to scorch more, a small break-in time, and sensitive to any impurities in your mitts. You know, a good cotton.

It was actively advertised in vape forums, vape stores (even here), instagram, farcebook, you name it. No one knew of Fiber Freaks locally. That is hands down, the best, though different fields - literally. You'll hear CBs' "best tasting organic cotton on the market for vaping", or this doozy, "created for vapers by vapers". Gets you every time. But these UD branded cottons are also w/o chem treatment, pesticides, bleached, or pigmented.

I was using Koh Gen Do (80 pack in link seems pricier than I remembered) which claims the same treatment. Loved it...until fiber freaks came along ;)

Look, you'll be paying for the regulated USP pharma grade quality, but ime, there's no difference between them all. It's just better packaged, I guess.