Look organic cotton wether repackaged or hyped is bottom line organic f**king cotton lol
I got all them hyped bullshit cotton all do sale job some have more break in time others don't .some are fluffier some are not . Etc but it's still organic cotton . My 180 pack muji or KGD cost me less and guess what ? It's organic cotton 🤡 If you follow cotton hype you'll end up with a shiteload of different cotton and they all the same " organic cotton" prolly got some other cotton or rayon mixed threw it to make ppl think it's superior . I tried them all over 7years or so and I'm back on muji and KGD I diy I can honestly say that kendo gold edition tastes and absorbs the same as muji . Kendo gold .cotton bacon etc lasts same amount time muji koh gen do does . Cause my juice is sweet I'm lucky to get 2dAys out a wick .

If I repackage muji and mix KGD and call it cotton bacon prime GOLD edition and plaster a $8 per 10 strips bet ppl would think it's best shit ever 😆😆