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plus pol isolator issue/ leaking into the base
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#1 (permalink)      7/6/2020 4:08:09 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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plus pol isolator issue/ leaking into the base
Recommended as a replacement part for the plus pol isolator on this YFTK Dvarw - much tighter fit and the correct height as it is supposed to be: SKU 9653879
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...and if you're looking at this tank and the choice is still available to you, just get the Coppervape version. They really got the V1 Dvarw right. (Well apart from the drip tip o-rings, but that's KHW's fault; theirs are too tight too. If you know anybody using Aspire BVC coils - the original little ones - the base o-ring on that coil is the bestest-ever replacement for the Dvarw MTL V1 drip tip o-rings.)