ferry65 wrote:

where do you get those colored caps for the skyfall

All the Coppervape coloured caps have just been listed XD

Skyfall rda and caps

YFTK have failed on the top cap, it SHOULD BE clear as standard, just look at Jai's and Mark Todd's review of it (Todd's Review's) on YouTube!

The Coppervape and SXK version come with a clear cap as should be.

YFTK have f**ked up!

mediendoc wrote:

Use "Cape Cod" polishing cloths. Afterwards rinse well!!! ;)

You shouldn't have to modify something as soon as you get it, it should come clear as the authentic does. Glad I ordered the Coppervape and SXK version!

There's no guaranteethe Coppervape caps will fit this version either and you can be sure YDTK caps will be stupidly expensive for what they are...bits of plastic!