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Dual Mesh strips Build in the Lit RDA Pictures
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#1 (permalink)      1/11/2019 12:40:29 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Dual Mesh strips Build in the Lit RDA Pictures
Just wanted to post this.

We probably wont see a dual profile design so ive been searching to find a good RDA where i can make my own dual mesh setup using the profile style of mesh bc i love these mesh strips over standard vandy vape screen style of mesh.

I have another couple of RDA's on the way that i plain to try out this mesh build in but for now all i got is this Lit RDA by Vandyvape and it seems to have come out AWESOME. its still breaking in but overall its hitting pretty nice.:)

As a Note this is a pretty low build. Comes out at ~.08-.11 depending on what device iam using.

I tried to use the .18 watofo strips "Would have prefered the higher resistance" but ran into trouble with them cracking trying to bend them so small but now that i got the OFRF to work i think i might be able to get the watofo or the other brands aswell to work i just have to bend them one by one while they are clamped in and not pre bend them.

The OFRF strips because they have a thicker edge dint have this problem. The Clrane might work just as easy as well."i really want to try those in this setup"

This mesh here SKU 9665850 is longer then the strips that fit int he profile. I have them and it is alot easier to use these. They are not as fragile and as i said they are longer so its easier to install. You just have to clip the legs off them which isnt a big deal. I will try to use them as well at a later time. The only thing i dont like is the edge are not flat but pokie so iam afraid that the cotton might be harder to install. None the less when i do i will post and update as well when i try the other meshes and with the other RDA's....

Iam breaking it in at ~130W. But it seems it might need a little more power. ~140-150W. Though 130W feels good too. It drinks the Juice right up.LOL

Anywho heres the build picture "Sorry pictures are not in order"

Please use proper battery safety.

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Dayum, 130 wartz are too much for me.
Kudos anyway.
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I usually only vape between ~50-70W with the coils i build in wattage mode. .3ohm to .2ohms are my typical ranges "mostly .3ohms". I also vape alot in temp mode.

However TBO i dont look at the wattage anymore like that. It all depends on the coil and its ohms,what wire iam using,how thick the coil is or how big the coil is as well as what juice iam using is big in my eyes etc etc....

Its weird but i think i know where your coming from. I watch some youtubers build almost identical exotic coils to me or use the same exact coils as me yet i run them at ~70W lets say but they are running them at like 100W with half the amount of juice i be putting into my RDA's "Like all they do is paint there wicks for the most part"and could never understand why they dont get burnt hits because if i tried that id be getting burnt hits every time. LUL

What i come to realize over my 8years of vaping its not just about the coil and cotton and wattage. Thats only half of it. Its the Juice and the juices flavor/flavoring. Say i mixed 2 juices boht different flavors but i mixed them up both the same way and used identical builds. More times then not one juice vapes totally different then the other even though you are using the same base VG/PG and same build. Some juices though you get lucky and they work well in everything.

On this build 130W feels like running a brand new mesh build on the profile at 65W.

The problem "its not really a problem" i have with the profile is while yes IMO its one of my best overall vapes ever with out a doubt hands down nothing comes close to it as an overall best in every area vape but it leaves me wanting more every hit if that makes any sense. I want More Dense vapor,warmer vapor,even stronger flavor etc. This is why iam after a dual mesh setup. Maybe its the wrong way to go. Maybe all we need is different metal strips. SS,Ni-80 etc etc.. or a thicker strip. IDK but from what we have now my only option is to go dual to try and get that even better vape that iam looking for.

I dont think we will ever get a dual mesh profile "it must be the same deck design and airflow design" So i have been searching and buying all RDA's that can hold 2 mesh strips. Ive even considered going into my shop and DIYing my own custom dual profile on my lathe/mini mill. I prob want this more then anyone as you can tell LOL.

Anywho its vaping good but i can tell the VandyVape RDA is a meh RDA atleast with this setup and its holding the build back. Ill give it another day try messing with wattage some more etc etc and see if it gets any better then this.

I also ordered a Layercake RDA to try.

If you guys/gals know of any RDA's that my idea of this dual stip mesh would work in let me know. "Both ends of the wicks must be touching the juice though i know there is a couple where they are vertical wick builds where only the bottom is touching the juice deck and i dont like that"

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waht a beautiful build, this coils looks for me really pretty