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Got mine! here a quick impression video!
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#31 (permalink)      10/21/2020 12:37:26 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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EvilTwins wrote:

sitting at 3625 puffs

That's rookie numbers :)))

I have close to 9000 puffs in 15 days )

Also dropped mine into sand at the desert and it was all covered in fine sand, so I washed it under the tap and just dried it with tissue. As it still works without any problems - it's truly waterproof.

true, but thats in rotation of four devices.Topside single,topside lite with intake dual, Odin 21700 is my main driver i got that only just over a month ago and thats here with the argus theme.

Bonkers For The Squonkers
#32 (permalink)      10/22/2020 2:05:43 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I haven't bothered going in to see what's on my Topside single till now... Damn! 21,960 puffs. The device still functions and looks like new (current bottle a bit discolored though). Let's check a few others I have within arm's reach (All purchased new):

VV Swell: 20,896
Vaporesso Armour Pro: 7199
VV Jackaroo: 6923
Vaporesso Switcher: 5193

Wow, my Vaporesso Revenger X happens to have 9999 on it, and doesn't reset to 0's by it's self. Hard to tell what it really has since I liked it and used it extensively for months when I purchased it.

Smoant Knight 80: 8839
Vaporesso Polar: 8563

I have a boatload of others including an original SX Mini, that if I had to guess would be at least 50-60,000 since I purchased it in around 2014. I also have around 12 DNA devices, a Dicodes Dani Box, SunBox E7 squonker, a couple of SXK DNA 60 Billet Boxes, a couple Provari's, etc.. etc.. Lot's of gear since I started vaping back in 2010...

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