cilika wrote:

Hehe. French keyboard here, it doesn't work =D

If you like rubberised finish it's al yours, Air!
I suggest you to do some lift weighting 10 min. a day, you won't notice any-more that difference ;)

You can always use Alt + 128541.
Or Alt + 128521 for a winky face.

I wouldn't know such things if I wasted 10 minutes every day on something so useless as lifting weights.

But seriously: I'd buy this pico with the ugly overhang, if they made one of magnesium alloy or something like that. Genuinely don't see the point of a small mod for in the pocket, if they don't try to keep the weight as low as possible. They made the Pico X a tad too big. A small pico, weighing 40-50 grams would be a close to perfect mod.