Troepfler wrote:

.Yes, understand this.But that means for the starters:I can put every stupid nice coil in it, lets wait for the electronics to manage it, yes I want 8V.I think they are too stupid to use a mech mod.

I'm not convinced you really understand it.

The 8 volts (9 volts actually as this uses a DNA60 board) is not to boost wattage output, or to make it more suitable for high mass, low ohm complex coils. It is to provide versatility. Bridges for boro devices are available to suit anything from tight MTL through to DL, there are a wide variety of vapers in every categpry whose preference of types and mass of coils, resistance, materials and power settings all differ. The ability to boost voltage to 9 Volts (even though most vapers won't actually use it) is part of what makes it so versatile. Yes - it can accept many different types of coils, but this isn't to appeal to novices, it is to make it suitable for more discerning (and demanding) experienced vapers who want to fine tune their vape to their exact requirements. To do this a sophisticated board is a must.

I like mechs, still use them frequently, and have a large collection of single tubes, stacked tubes, parallel, series and para-series mods. But they are all one trick ponies and are as subtle as a hammer. The one word that nobody uses to describe them is versatile.

You are mistaken if you think rebuildable boro style devices are aimed at 'starters' because it has the convenience of a boost circuit. The entire reason for the popularity of devices like this has gone right over your head.