Hi Barry, I think you were referring to me, and since you brought this thread "Back from the Dead"(tm), I thought I'd elaborate on Drip tip options a little more, since it sounds like you're still looking....

SKU 9661088 is a good one. Will cover the 510 nut's diameter exactly, is cheap, and is available in different colors, just check the drop-down menu.

SKU 9694483 is a 4 pack of SteamTuner clone tips. Low profile, good details and materials, exact same O.D. as the 510 nut. If you look around, you might find the single tip you want available.

SKU 9696580 is a 3 pack of classy flared "volcano" tips, are suitable for lots of applications, and are pleasant to vape on. I know there are singles available of these, but you'll have to search. The widest base of all, which CAN be unsightly with a proud 510 nut.

All these options range from $2 to $10, roughly. All are suitable for most vape styles. Check them out, maybe something will suit you.

Good luck.