I don't have this newer device, but I noticed the chip seems to be identical in looks to the Kylin AIO (great kit!) chipset/ UI. Thats means nothing without further investigation, but the Kylin enabled 5.5v in it's on-board Volts mode. It's actually a functional chip, with an "info" mode including puff counter.

This 4.2v output thing isn't too bad, Boro users rarely build below .35 or so....usually even higher...and that's where the regulating chip and adjustable wattage really matter. Think of Boro mods as 30-40 watt work-horses, and coil appropriately, in the .5-.6 range...OR, go full-on battery saver/single coil/high build mode...

It's not that you won't be CLOSE to 4 volts when you find your desired vape - you will. In most cases with more traditionally available wires, I've always found a spot between 3.5 - 4.5 volts...always. Everyone is different, but that "freight train" of a mech hit all the old-timers rave about: 4.2 volts. Straight from the battery!

Still, this is a sticking point that must be noticed by Companies. Most people want the OPTION to raise the warmth of a cool vape, or heat an especially stubborn flavor! I don't think V.Vape would make that mistake, and at least offer the 5.5 volt Kylin chip...so I hope those stats are wrong, but 4.2 volts would be fine for me, and I absolutely love the Green!