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You can use thicker wires to build to lower ohms but they will take longer to ramp up and cool down
Yes, this would vote for Kanthal.
But I think we did not hit the point, why some AIO users prefer 1 ohm builds.
I still think, the boys with the big clouds opened this thread.
When you use 80 Watts you need a short big big wire with high resistance.
I just imagine, never tried that.

Many people like high ohm single coils simply because that is their preference - personally I find adding an extra wrap or two to coils made with of narrower gauge wires can give the same coil to cotton contact and vapour production of a regular coil made with thicker wires, but because it has less mass it will heat and cool faster and be less likely to cause the tank to overheat and cook the juice - obviously using a longer length of thinner wire to make a coil results in higher resistance. In small 22mm flavour tanks or small RDL Boro bridges this type of build. I don't have a nickel allergy so I would probably use something like a 6 wrap 26/38 Ni80 Clapton - this would come out at around 0.75 ohms, so its not that difficult to figure out a similar coil make of Kanthal will be in the 1 ohm+ ballpark.

As for the 80 Watts potential of the board, this device will probably be used by most for either low power MTL use or restricted DL at sub 50 Watt power settings. Using a board that can output 80 Watts means it won't be pushed too hard and will have a longer service life that one that is regularly pushed to its limits.

An 80 Watt mod ISN'T aimed at cloud chuckers, I get the impression you are looking at the 80 Watts potential and overlooking that this is wattage adjustable - it isn't compulsory to use max power, and most Boro tank users will use less than half of that.

I frequently use dual 18650 mods that can give 200 Watts, but I seldom vape over 60 Watts. I didn't buy them to cloud chuck - I bought them for the battery life. A pair of 3000mah batteries will last me all day - a single 18650, 20700 or 21700 will give me range anxiety