dwcraig1 wrote:

It seems to me that folks are confusing the listed operating voltage of 3.2 - 4.2 volts as output voltage. I don't have one to test it but surely this is input voltage to the board.Also it must surely be buck/ boost as using a 3 ohm coil would be less than 6 watts output. Really, am I the only one seeing this?

No, but I know what you are trying to get at.... If the company's own website has erroneous info, how can you trust your math? Who knows if 3 ohm max is correct, right? I've been here through the thread, read every post, and haven't seen anyone confuse anything...except for Troepler, who confuses EVERYTHING. You are assuming that all the info is correct, which is the very thing being discussed---that it isn't.

Anyway, it's old news. Boost, 6 volt max output.

Personally, when I want more output voltage, I remove a wrap from my coil.