I would rate this a little below average. Build quality is decent and it has a working juice flow control, but it has some issues that make it not nearly as good as the Skyline-R which is the RTA that I recommend over this.

Juice control on the Skyline-R is way batter.
Deck access is better on the Skyline-R because the tank is sealed (with the juice control closed). With the Vapor giant there is no inner chimney so the tank will leak if you separate the tank from the deck unless you turn the tank upside down.
What bugs me most about the Vapor Giant is the build deck design. I have to snip the wire ends extremely close or I get an atomizer short. Building the Skyline-R is much easier.
I get flooding after a fill, but it clears up after vaping for a couple of minutes with the juice control closed.

Not a terrible atomizer, but there is a lot better out there.