I don't use temp control anymore, just wattage, and I still think DNA chips are the way to go. They really stand out against the chinese boards when it comes to temp control, but there's still a difference in wattage mode when compared to chips like the sevo 70 imo. Ramp up times feel faster with the DNA and the output signal is usually closer to a flat DC current than many chinese pwm boards.

Evolv offers an unbeatable warranty for their boards which is rare. Just send your device in and they'll repair the board regardless of the device manufacturer. The boards are designed and manufactured in the USA (this is a huge deal for me) and they have nice touches like conformal coating and very good QC. Another selling point for me is the escribe software as I enjoy all the options for themes, LED color, custom battery curves, etc.

DNA boards also have exceptional lifespans. I still have old DNA 40 mods that work fine, although they lack reverse polarity protection, and my daily driver has a 6 year old DNA 75 board that works as well as it did in 2016. Some chinese boards may last that long, but I'd say its a coin flip (eg., sevo 70 failures and the countless past clone boards that melt down).

I tend to use my devices for years at a time so I appreciate having quality components that I know I can trust to function every time I push the button and not burn my house down due to shoddy design.