I appreciate quality too, Moldy. If others want 30.00-40.00 mods, there are TONS to choose from - but there is only one Evolv. It's a shame we can't have one thread discussing DNA chipped mods where some Yoko has to stop by and tell us that "I can buy 3 of "X" for the same price".

They should do that, and leave the discussion for the ones who take it seriously.

I have had DNA boards/mods repaired for free 5 times now, no questions asked. By my estimation, that's about 500.00 in savings. There's a reason high end mods use Evolv chips above any other - even DiCodes are a distant memory at this juncture. YIHI? Nope. All others are just revamped user interfaces on the same three or four chip architectures used for years.

Fact is, you want the best - get Evolv. I'm not going to sell it to you, but I can give lots of first hand information from the 300+ mods I own. I've had Chinese made mods literally set alight by themselves! ...but by all means, save a dollar on quality - what's losing a home compared to a good deal on a 30.00 mod, right?