I just give myself a vape budget, half my old cig habit. Sure Ill splurge and buy this or that here and there or if it is a have to have item, whatever. Basically I try not to go over, but I am the only one holding me accountable.

In a way it makes it allot more fun, your planning for it, and evaluating what it is you like. Trying not to just acquire things makes me appreciate them a bit more. Also, no guilt! I am a family guy though, my habit does nothing for them. Not an important thing to consider for everyone, but for me it is.

This hobby/habit is a very easy one to let get out of control, like you said "financial common sense can become less important". It's why I am so picky about the stuff I buy, I look allot, discuss allot, and buy maybe an 8th of it, and usually after the hype dies, and the cost goes down.

Jealousy over vape gear seems insane to me, but my values are just different, to each there own. It's not to say I don't enjoy the hobby/habit, just not on that level. I am not trying to knock people that do, by all means enjoy your life in whatever way that you do.

It is hard not to judge sometimes though, other peoples values VS your own is a difficult thing, it's very core thinking that defines you.