carrion4worm wrote:

When i say that many FT vapers don't know, or understand, Ohm's Law - Im not joking, lol.

I put a 1.2 ohm build on a 4 volt mech, built with round, medium size kanthal in a rta, I get dry hits, burnt coil legs often, etc...6 plus volts? nonsense.

Do what you want, but your vape is suffering.

If you're getting dry hits and burnt coil legs with a 1.2 ohm coil at 4 volts (13 Watts) then you really need to learn how to wick as your wicking is so tight it is choking off the juice flow. A 1.2 ohm coil at 6 Volts will give 30 Watts, which is fine for RDL or even a loose MTL if you tailor your nic levels to suit. (Have you already forgotten your classic post stating any tank is good for MTL you just have to "sip" instead of "gulp") The resistance/volts wattage is only one aspect - without knowing which atty, amount of airflow, Nic content and preferences you are making on the spot judgements without knowledge

Once you grasp that not all people share your preferences and try not to point and laugh every time you don't understand why someone likes something you don't it would be easier to ask why he needs more than 6 volts and you would have received a reasonable reply and possibly learned something. Instead you chose your standard ridicule. It is sad you don't realise this makes you, and keeps you, ignorant.

Try asking for a change, you'll learn something.