carrion4worm wrote:


Shut Up! You missed the point entirely. It's not that someone CAN'T do something, it's that it leads itself to certain results. He is a contrarian, and you do not know him. I know you still ache, but there's nothing you could teach me, except saltiness. Stick to your dual 9 wraps, for whatever reason, and for God's sake...just once, mind your own business.

And you missed the point as usual.

It was if you habitually ridicule instead of asking then you will continue to be ignorant.

You cannot say his method leads to 'certain results' when all you know is the ohms of the build and watts. You completely forgot you don't know what atty or airflow he is using and HIS personal preferences.

I feel it is just as much my business to point out to you that you aren't thinking straight or acting like an adult, just as you feel you must lecture others on what you seem to believe to be the 'correct' way to vape.