ZenAnarchi wrote:

Have no idea if anybody is still interested, but in his Sunday “What’s Up”, Vaping with Vic confirmed that there is no battery drain on the SL v2, same as I observed. He’ll be testing the SL v2 and the new G Class this week, I believe. Waiting to see if he notices the voltage limitations…

Of course there are vapers here that areinterested. don't let squabbles deter you from posting, those people aren't here for the right reasons, and will fade away eventually, so please post and be active!

Yep, there's current running (quiescent) when the new yihi chips are "asleep", but the important thing is YIHI has reduced that current, AND added a simple volts "cut-off" that will save your cells when they drop too low...(like DNA chips have, but not alter-able like DNA, however)

Still, a step in the right direction! I can't say i recommend the G-Class though, a bit of time yesterday with it has soured me on the mod - too many "features" that interrupt vaping time and a menu that, unbelievably, is more convoluted than the V1! The SL is much like the SL V1 chip/interface - simpler, more barebones, and more suitable for vaping, not "fiddling"...It seems YIHI learned AND regressed at the same time in some areas.

I doubt Vic will notice any voltage limitations, as there really aren't any for the average vaper with commonly available coiling wire. Since Vic buys premade coils, they should be made for normal vaping (around 4 volts, give or take).

I might get the G class when the price drops, but I don't know...the fact that the G class V2 is taller than the V1, plus all the menu/feature goofs, just make the SL V2 look superior in every way.