ZenAnarchi wrote:

Hehe, yeah, didn’t mean to say this was resolved, and forgot to mention his love for Yihi! If you go to 14:05 on the What’s Up, it’s there about him trying it already with the SL, and it’s before the “first look”. Not being pedantic, but for information‘a sake. Vic is a laugh to watch, but Daniel is the only reviewer who ever really checks the parameters himself. He saved me from buying that new Oxva Unibox, among others. He does seem to be a bit picky, or doesn’t do reviews from manufacturers who don’t send him products.

True, Vic did say the Mini doesn't suffer from parasitic drain but he failed to mention how he did this, but he was specific about how he was testing the G class. If someone like Daniel or Phil Busardo who tend to check things comprehensively made this statement I would accept it without question, but as this is Vic I'll wait until someone I trust reviews properly. Hopefully as these are the most interesting releases Yihi have made for several years (IMO) then they'll send them out to a lot of reviewers and not just the shills and Daniels review will be released soon.

I'll watch Vic to see the product and for entertainment, not so much for his expertise or opinion.