Hope you can enjoy the mod! Those other posters DO NOT own it, don't plan on owning it, and are just trolling. If you have any questions at all, maybe start a NEW thread, and I'll answer, regardless.

SX MINi isn't going to spend any money on adjusting their temp-control, this is their ummteenth version, and the sales of this device and the dual battery are less than expected. As I mentioned earlier, don't count on any "new" sampling rates on the TC - they have already tried everything within the confines of their chip...this is, unfortunately, a fact. A more powerful, rapid sampling rate is required for more accurate TC, and this run of
SX chips has actually REGRESSED in that department, concentrating more on extra boost and user created curves. Sorry, but SX was following the trend of the market, which states that regular TC is "dead"...of course we know it's not dead among certain users, but truly improving TC costs money, with more power requirements...perhaps the G class V2 could handle a proper upgrade, but again, it comes down to sales - and so far, they're not great.

Perhaps a certain past SX Mini product had a TC that "felt" better to you? If so, maybe I can help - or, more appropriately - a friend of mine can help. There is a Fansite dedicated to "firmware approximation" among SX products, but with the severely limited nature of the SL V2's options, it could prove difficult. Just post back if you need/want the info - and you're not allergic to Facebook groups!