Still.Me wrote:

Crispycritters wrote:

Sorry, I should have said that was a rhetorical question as I understand that it's due to profit but one would think it would hurt various companies in the long run.

Fortunately I have the group of you to let me know if a device has boost or not but the displeasure with the Swag 2 was enough to have me think twice about buying more recent cheap Chinese mods.

I think they are using the logic that because it is cheap and small, but has an external battery and adjustable power, it will be attractive to relatively newbie vapers who are upgrading from a simple pod or stick. If they've never had a device with boost control circuitry they won't know about it or miss it. If these same newbies subsequently put a rebuildable tank on it - the miserable performance with anything but a really low ohm build may lead them to believe rebuilding isn't great and will stick with their stock coils and generate a continual stream of profit.

A crappy attitude, and in the longer term it will hurt them when people get wise, but hobbyist vapers are a small fraction of the total number, so that leaves a large number to burn for an extra 20c profit...