FTBuyer2013 wrote:

The 217 does not have boost ?!

Yes it does have boost. 7.5v max output voltage.

Gatok wrote:

I prefer the previous version SKU 9724426. At least it has boost and is smaller.

The Kroma 217 has boost. You even proved it yourself here. Since the Kroma 217 is a single battery mod, it could never achieve 7.5v without boost.

Still.Me wrote:

Ah ok. Funnily enough when speaking of the Swag 2 it felt to me as a mech mod would at a certain point. Hence, thought that it was without this magical boost you all speak of.Only up at 85% battery power did I feel it had real power. Rest of the time I just was unable to feel the power when vaping on it.So guess it was just a faulty chip?!

Gatok wrote:

No faulty chip but lack of boost.

Wrong again. Swag II (and even Swag I for that matter) has boost. See proof here. Still.Me most likely had the mod in smart or eco mode.