EternalSpline wrote:

My Diesel is here. 9 cents more is what I paid, got it in 36 days. So meh on that, but with the holiday and whatever whatever...

So the refill method is so stupid on this one. I watched zero videos and went fully on C4W's recommendation. It oddly unscrews at the chimney, there is an inner chimney piece and that pops out. Then the other strange bit on it is they went with flat head screws that are a bit deep into the deck, and the holes for your leads are a tad small. So on my first attempts it was not grabbing the coil. I replaced these coils with longer lead coils and gave it more of a push into the holes with the coiling rod holding it straight and with a bit of struggles they went in fine. The deck is holding two 3MM coils great, with good room for airflow still, something that I did not find on the Arbiter two.

My next hangup was that the straight glass is so snug onto the damn thing that it takes a moment for the bubble to come up and wick your coils. They also made the wicking hole the juice goes into a bit smaller than I would have thought appropriate.

The airflow, not what I thought it would be looking at the images. It's not the best feeling airflow, it is a little louder than I figured it would be, it is by no means loud, just never going to be accused of being a silent tank, really or a loud tank honestly, it is kind of that middle to softer note.

The driptip is short! It just is, some people will like that, some people wont. I don't mind it, but it should be mentioned.

The build material, the metal is nicely done no burs, the metal feels sturdy and thick and not cheap and thin.

Extras, they went pretty light on the extras, it has the bubble glass, a little screw driver, some screws, and O-rings. No 2nd driptip option, nothing else.

I wicked it a little on the loose side, should have probably gone a little thicker. Here is the saving grace so far, flavor, it has great flavor. If you can get past the shortcomings, it's got a very punchy flavor. I have a bakery in it now and the flavor is really there. So I like the airflow, I don't mind the short drip tip or the lack of many extras, the regular glass I think sucks, the refill method is dumb, but for this flavor I will get used to it.

In my opinion it deserved the negative reviews, but it is still worth it at this price point. It is a bit different than the other top airflow tanks. I would say it is kind of in it's own category like the Valkyrie, yes the Valkyrie is much better, but at the end of the day this is pretty cheap and totally enjoyable. If I was to try and compare it though and say it's like the Arbiter two or like the Zeus, it's not just like the Valkyrie isn't. So yes, if you read this I would recommend it, just know that with the good comes some bad, it like anything is all what your willing to look past.

Thanks for that very thorough review. I had toyed with picking it up but wont now. Although I was always a dual coil user, I fell in love with 3 QP Juggerknot MR's I purchased (single coil) and cant seem to get back into dual coil. But I did contemplate this one.