NM I also see you forgot to update when it arrives so my comment probably just reminded you to do it. I saw your comment on the vape porn thread so I knew you had gotten it, and also saw the picture, so to me it was a random double post, wasn't sure at first why you commented what you did basically.

"a good top-air rta that doesn't cost 79.99, like the Valkyrie you kept mentioning."

Agreed 80.00 is a bit much for an RTA, especially one with no second chimney when the one it has is not metal.

I never measure legs, I just eyeball and trim. It's not usually a big deal except when the legs are not fully pushing into the holes, so you think oh I need to trim this much, but nah it's just not in the holes. It's fine with the leg length the other coils still have they will go fine in a V3 Aromamiser. 25 foot spools at wire optimum to me is better than keeping a ton of little plastic leg length measuring tools around. Did this one come with one for you? I did not see one in the box that I got.