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Did you guys see there is already a NEW BXR from Hussar? It's like the BXR Mini or BXR Lite or something like that. Smaller, lighter, etc. I love Hussar but I cannot help but feel like they rushed the OG BXR to market to cash-in on the boro craze, not giving it the normal love that's well known from a high-end manufacturers. That was pretty obvious by the issues on the first generation. I mean, who the heck sends Mark Todd a mod with those kinda issues?!Imagine if you had paid $400-$500 for one of these things? I'd be MAD lolGlad to hear 5A got their clones together tho :)
And pretty similar thoughts there from analogueman =)

I already sold mine. It's not a bad mod.
It feels solid.
But it feels more bulky in hand compared to bb. Even though it's almost the exact same weight as bb it actually feels a bit heavier and the super fine threading didn't inspire confidence. FT should start selling replacement battery cap for it. Mark my words, first thing to go in that mod will be when u cross-thread that little bugger. Also I wasn't lucky enough so I got a unit with a rattling button.

I believe that people are angry because the BXR really feels like a prototype, while that slim version looks like a final product.

I ordered KBR-S, that one is more my jam.
I'm all about lightweight stuff.
40 grams advertised. We'll see what's it like in real life though.