Thedon1 wrote:

Well my white silver bxr turned up just a couple hours ago, and so far i love it, no button rattle
the threading on the battery cap has been great, the cap is thin though.
and up to now ive tried, 3 atty's =dope, bridg'd, and qbix, and the 510 top nut has worked and made contact with all of them easy,
the bxr is basically the same weight as a billet box, but the bxr feels so much more comfortable in the hands
will have to see how the white color holds up only time will tell,
the board is good too, so im really happy with mine, will leave a review once ive used it for a good while longer.

Indeed, I'm very pleased w/ mine as well besides the stock nut, but the SXK's work fine so I've got a spare flush nut in there and it's a happy camper. Such a comfy mod to use/hold.