Ericsgreen wrote:

Dang, of I'd known that was vv red I would've gotten those earlier, I got pink in atemporal, been on a real pink thing here too, pink and black is boss...but the cthulhu aio looks too red and not fluorescent pink enough, guess I need to look for actual pics!

And yes that pulse drill design is really slick, for $6 a set of panels is perfect to play at modding! I can see through the frosted just enough on a frosted mod, I had to get mk clear for black pulse though

Ive got a bizzare problem, I can't use the pulse vessel in any other mod, and can't use any other rba in the pulse aio... I mean, I could but it feels so wrong, it's absolutely bizarre, no other combos feel this way, never have before either

The Cthultu is PINK enough, I know right, had the same doubts before I received it too, after the net photos. =)


And it's not that matt as pics show.

Now the weird thing, that I've changed out that green button since to a silver one, and now, I'm missing it =D