VicViking wrote:

Dude, Ya don't need a Fancy Workbench ... Ya just need to be NOT a Retard about the process !!! You'll definitely need a High Speed Drill, because Plastic tends to "Crack" when drilled at Slow Speeds (just borrow one from a neighbor or friend, and offer to leave $50.00 collateral because most people don't like to loan out their tools), You'll need that Drill-Bit SKU 5011002, You'll need a Soldering Iron (or a Red Hot Nail & a set of Vice Grips to hold it) to make the Starter Hole, You "should" get Yourself some Scrap Plastic to practice on (old pieces of Taillight from a Car Crash will do), and finally ... a Hunk of Solid Wood to go underneath the Panel getting drilled (at least twice as thick as the depth Ya "plan" on drilling. A Thick Leather Glove for the Hand that Holds the Panel wouldn't be the worst idea ... but that's where NOT Retarded gets a little Fuzzy.

Excellent. Thanks for the advice