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Laptop/vpn help needed...
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#21 (permalink)      6/15/2018 5:25:06 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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So whats the end result? You managed to get the network sharing working?

Also it should be pointed out to JPBel that having a VPN can work to mitigate DoS attacks. Many VPN providers offer anti DoS endpoints. Essentially the VPN hides your IP and also handles your traffic before sending to you, it gives them a fairly chance to drop most packets that are part of a DoS attack and they will much much more bandwidth on their end.

You absolutely need the have the routing set up right and make sure your PS3's internet connection is being routed through VPN. The GL-iNet Mini Router (SKU: 9650861) are really the optimal solution for this kinda thing. You just connect your pc to it upload an OVPN profile (gotten from your VPN provider). Then put it between your PS3 / what ever device and your other network and everything is now going through VPN. These mini routers are gold - I own a few they are of a higher design quality than most consumer networking garbage.

I use one for getting US Netflix on my smart TV - works great.

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#23 (permalink)      6/27/2018 4:50:53 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I am aware that VPN can sometimes mitigate DoS attacks.
But most often it can not do it for DDoS attacks unless the bandwidth is as big as what (For Ex:) clouldflare have.

And that is if the proxy/gateway actually hide the user's IP.
Skeeeets actually found that out for himself...

A "Virtual Private Network" is only that, a virtual "private" network.
It is not a DDoS prevention solution in itself.
(And not that private after all...)

In other words
A VPN to a computer that leak your IP is not going to help.
Neither is a VPN to a computer/service that only have a 10/10 connection is going to help much against a 100 ADSL connections.
(And is it really that "private" when you have no control over it ? )
Instead of "google" knowking your porn search habits, the VPN server will know, and google will think it is the VPN IP instead...

Not sure you are aware zv_odd, but network sharing is an other topic alltogether.
If you want to prioritise your own network traffic, a VPN is not needed.
What you need is packets prioritising/limitation based on IP, port(s), or MAC address.

Defeiting countries ban/limitation is an other subject too.
Even if a VPN can circumvent it too, in some cases.