I have been toying with the idea of buying myself a new MacBook Pro. I have had the same Macbook for 6 years and it is basically useless now. I need to use my computer fairly often for freelance work (I'm a graphic designer who works full time and freelances on the side). Because of the poor condition of my current computer, I am unable to do freelance - it simply runs too slow for the programs because it does not have enough RAM. And it is super old. No matter what, in the very near future it must be replaced, and it needs to be powerful.

Looking at my monthly expenses, if I rein in my budget to the most essential items (which I am disciplined enough to do if an emergency fund was my only source of 'income'), I have a savings account with money I consider to be my emergency fund for about a year's worth of expenses. I am investing in a Roth IRA. I do have student loan debts (20k). While I could use the money to pay off some of my debt, it is essential that I purchase a new computer at some point in the near future. Buying a new MacBook would reduce those savings about ~$2k, but I would still be left with around 10-11 months of savings / emergency fund money.

Is it a wise decision to purchase this new computer now? I'm not sure if it is the best move to make. Thanks in advance.