This is a follow up to my issue with paying with bitcoin, so here is what I learned.

The problem: When FT sends you their wallet code, because they did not request a specific amount of bitcoin, it is on the customer to do the exchange math from dollars into BTC , since BTC is a very large and USd very small in comparison the margin for error can be large.

In my experience, I believe it was off by maybe $0.10 so FT was not able to link my FT order with the amount of BTC received- so the order will not be recognized unless the amount is exactly the same.

So basically I was offered a refund once i opened a ticket and I took it-here is my problem with how FT "fixed" the problem.

The original order - with shipping cost $66.02 USD, my refund amount was only $28.20 USD. It was late at night and I was too tired to complain about it so I just took it and went to bed. Now I am looking at my coin wallet and see that this was a loss of exactly $38.85, 2/3rd of the price of the order I paid for in BTC was kept by FT.

FT, you can make this right by refunding the rest of my money- $38.85 to my bitcoin wallet. There was no re-stocking or shipping with this, and it is not right to take that large a chunk of the purchase price for your troubles.

To add to this, I went ahead and purchased a FT gift card so that I could get the items that I wanted and did order them- again it was late and I was tired and just wanted to place the order at that point.

If FT honors this, or does not, I will continue to update this forum (and others) to what happens here. Thank you!