Lol, good luck with that, you'll find they will make you waste more of your time than the $ is worth to you.

The oldest china scam in the book, I really don't care what any of the fanboi club say about it in here.

After months of every single F*ck*ng day nagging emails at 1am+ I finally have packages, and what arrived was broke garbage, now I will have to repeat this stupid for months once again?

They want pictures of every single item , including somehow pictures of items that just don't work / turn on , in a way that shows them broken. Since they are never clear except in ways you don't want them to be, I'm not even sure what this means. Obviously a few dozen emails are in order.

I'm absolutely certain after more months they will just want me to pay return shipping that costs more than it's worth even though it's their mistake (everything: poor packaging, items that were broke to start off with they didn't tell me until after i ordered [ oh # items couldn't be fixed so we have only # items ] , wrong items)

It really never ends, I'm just taking the loss and will warn anyone that ever talks about ordering from FT
It's just NOT worth it to save a few $ ordering cheap china crap directly