Hi Everyone, I helped run FastTech between 2012 and 2017/18, when, because of the clash of working styles, I stepped aside for a bit.

If you've known me from years ago, hearing complaints and grief was one of my highest priorities here at FastTech. I'm back and I'm all ears.

One of the first things I noticed immediately is the state of this forum -- namely the low number of posts. How sad!

While in the background in the past month, we have already worked on several important improvements. Being a member here you may already know these, but here is a list of the major ones:

* Stock status is now accurate
- In-stock products: actual stock number is now available on product pages.
- Vendor-stocked products: putting money where our mouths are, when promises such as "ships in 5 days" are exceeded by 2 days, 5% gift cards are offered for that product, and as always, canceling for refunds is always an available option.

* Real free shipping for battery cells, for orders $20+ for almost all countries. No more surprise shipping charges when placing orders.
* US orders now deliver in about 2 weeks by selecting "USA ePacket Routed by FastTech" because we made a switch to a new US shipping carrier. We will make this the default shipping option for US customers when we return to office next week. We also added new, faster shipping services for Canada and EU members.
* EU VAT can now be paid ahead of time at checkout, avoiding tax surprises at delivery.
Service staff with poor communication skills were pruned. Not all support replies are perfect yet, but we're working on it.

Rest assured that Annie will continue to answer any and all questions you may have as well.