How Can FastTech Improve Their Shipping?
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#21 (permalink)      3/1/2022 2:18:33 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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XDM45ACP wrote:

vapeluvr wrote:Personally I'm not in a hurry to pay the ~$15+ per single item order that increases to another ~$8+ per additional item that all the other Chinese vape retailers have been charging for about a year now. FT shipping is usually free for me, if not just a couple dollars - I expect slow service. Realistic expectations keep the blood pressure down.If you consider $4.00 to $8.00 way too much to pay, then that's your choice. But to have it shipped out the next day and receive it 8 days or less, I can't complain and that's for the whole order...

As FT tends to be cheaper overall than the alternative site mentioned by the original poster once postal costs are added (occasionally some items will cost less on the other site, but these tend to be clearance items = in my experience their regularly priced items tend to be considerably more when postal costs are added).

Its fine to make suggestions about how postal services could be made faster, but I wonder how many would bail if prices were hiked to match the site the OP mentioned. Free post isn't really free as the costs have to be included in the overall prices.

I've had items delivered in 7 to 10 days from several other Chinese sites, but every time it has been more expensive than buying from FT.

Being realistic in your expectations can't be stressed enough, on way of getting faster delivery is to pay more, but I don't know how popular that suggestion will be.

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XDM45ACP wrote:

vapeluvr wrote:If you consider $4.00 to $8.00 way too much to pay, then that's your choice. But to have it shipped out the next day and receive it 8 days or less, I can't complain and that's for the whole order...

Did you even see my goddamned screenshots? Other places are charging WAY more than $4-8 and I showed you proof. I even circled the important parts so as to make it easy for the low IQ "readers" to understand the images. And that's just one retailer.

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Vaper buys pod system, asks for a 510 adapter. LOL for days
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There's a really simple answer to the thread title (without spitting the dummy)

Ft needs to get itself sorted out with regard to shipping

they continue to fail and so lose business
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"they continue to fail" is the perfect Description. Even with lost, or more than 2 Month in Nirvana Packages.
They offered me a Refund, and when I said no, I want the Item I ordered, they tell me I could order it again and it would be better to pay extra for PostNL then shipping it again with China Post. I answered that I would loose Money, because I bought the Item with the New Years Discount and would have to pay extra for PostNL. I think that Discussion will go on for Days, because You answer and then You are back in Queue for a Day or 2. Where ist the Problem to resolve a Problem they produced ( routed by FT, delivery Time 15-30 Business Days ) without going "back in Queue" after every Answer again? What is that for a Customer Service? When I up I take the Responsibility and I'm happy if I can solve it fast and silent, even if I have to pay a Buck or 2 and don't try to get the Customer to pay more for the ordered Item and extra for a safer shipping Method. Yes, FT every Time answers, and answers friendly, and solves the Problems, but if You get an Item then finally after 3 or more Month and payed extra I don't see the Quality of the Customer Service. Sorry Anniepan, sorry Geek, I like FT, but it is really going down the Drain....
#25 (permalink)      3/2/2022 2:30:05 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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...and I forgot to mention that my next Order seems to go the same Route...delayed through chinese New Year ( that's okay ) then through Covid ( also okay, they informed me ) and now...the same Game tracking updates for more than 2 Weeks....would be interesting if FT asks me in 6 Weeks if I want a Refund or they should send me the Item again but it would be better if I use another Carrier than the Carrier they routed ? You realize it? Another than the Carrier they choose for me?
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As the OP, my intention was multifaceted. Several people have pointed out that there are problems with FastTech’s shipping service, and there are many factors at play here. There’s the cost of shipping, the total cost of the product, delivery time, and most importantly, EXPECTATIONS.

There is no doubt that FastTech is cheaper than many, but not all, of the other websites. I guess it all comes down to what you expect compared to what you pay. When you pay more, you expect more. When you purchase the same shipping service (f ex PostNL) from different companies, you expect similar delivery times. When you are given the impression that you will receive a product in a predetermined timeframe, you complain when it’s late. My primary intention with my posting was to, in a positive way, help FastTech with meeting customer expectations. Shipping costs are important, but crucially I would like to see them offer both cheap, reasonable, and express shipping alternatives, with reasonably accurate estimates of the delivery date.

I think most of us would just like to be able to order and not be frustrated. My impression at this point is: 1) FastTech does want to do what they can to better their service, and 2) A lot of the problem is not which shipping provider you choose, but which shipping agent (contracted middleman) the company is using.
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Thank you all for sharing the input here with us, dear friends.

It is always imperative to know more about how other sites provide better shipping and keep improving upon that. We value all suggestions and appreciate the time and efforts you all have taken towards helping us to be better.

We all strive hard to provide shipping methods with a reasonable delivery period to our customers while remaining free shipping or minimum shipping costs. The free shipping we are using is China Post Service to most countries, and some deliveries are getting slow for many other countries outside the United States. According to the confirmation from China Post, this is due to some unavoidable circumstances like flight delays and cancellations. We share the disappointment as the delay is being happening quite a bit recently.

The shipping time is undoubtedly our top priority. From the screenshots provided by vapeluvr, shipping methods that cost more than $10 for a simple product are probably the expedited shipping that are widely used on many sites. Expedited shipping is generally 1-2 weeks faster than free shipping depending on different countries. We have these similar shipping methods available with a few dollar upgrading charges during checkout for several countries. But please kindly note that some of them are expecting temporary delays if they are dispatched from Hong Kong airport (Please check more details here). The following is the info:

Australia Expedited Air
Expedited Service to Canada
European Postal Service by Deutsche Post
The United Kingdom Expedited Service
USPS Expedited Service

Our team is doing our best to accurately project the shipping time, but the unpredictability of the airlines means that there is always a risk of orders being delayed beyond our estimations, no matter free shipping or expedited shipping. But we will work non-stop to look for more reliable shipping methods.

We didn't do well on finding the balance between free shipping and reasonable delivery time. Therefore, we have made some changes to the shipping during checkout (you can also view more details here):

1, For shipping carriers that ship to different countries, most of the shipping methods are used to show the same shipping time for all countries (e.g. 15-20 days typical delivery time). But now the delivery time is shown by country, it will be different for customers from different countries.

2, Some shipping methods are now marked as recommended for different countries based on the analysis of order deliveries within recent months.

These could be more effective for reference during the purchase. We will also update periodically by analyzing the real order deliveries of different countries. And there are also chances that the shipping time will be updated from time to time if any unexpected situations occur such as flight cancellations or custom delays.

We are working together towards achieving some real progress on the shipping, and we appreciate your kind suggestion and understanding during this challenging time.

We are very grateful for having you all as our valued customers, and will always keep an open mind to accept suggestions and criticisms.

It was our privilege to have you all as our valued customers. Thank you.


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