Crispycritters wrote:

Maybe it would help if we all appreciated that Chinese New Year period is actually longer than the one week that FT closes down for. I believe, it is considerably longer than this - and many of the work force go home for the New Year after working for a year and do not return - obviously this has a profound impact on any re-stocking dates.

Covid has had a huge impact on airlines around the world combined with workforce absenteeism because of illness and self isolation, combined with extra delays due to shipments being held if there is suspicion of contamination.

Slow delivery can be frustrating, but it would help if people acknowledged the impact of Covid and that most of China Essentially closes for 17 days for their New Year (and a large percentage of the work force simply don't return and have to be replaced and trained).

Delivery can be faster from other Chinese companies, but you pay more for this. Almost every country has different restrictions, prohibited products and importation taxes - what may work for one country won't work for another.

You aren't being realistic - Chinese New Year happens every year, save yourself a lot of frustration and order early (and not a couple of days before China closes down). All you have to do then is realise that reduced flights and Covid restrictions are real regardless of any person or country's views and things are going to bel slower.

Reality is unpleasant.

forget the New Year excuse and Covid excuse as it not only slower around that period/Covid times! I'm sure most ppl are with me on this I'd rather pay that $1-$2 dollars more to get it to me within 5-10 days because thats what I've payed more before with another company based in China and it got to me super fast, but what I couldn't get my head around with the other company was that, even though it came from China, the tracking number ended with GB (as i'm in England) when normally it ends in CN when it comes from FT and it had a 48hr sticker on it! Anniepan msged me for all the details of there delivery service and I was more than willing to help her and FT to make there delivery's quicker