I started this post to be positive, to try and help us, and FastTech. There is no question Chinese New Year is a challenge for the whole industry. However, the order that frustrated me was placed January 5th, and was purchased concurrently with a product from one of their competitors. The competitor’s product reached med in 17-18 days from date of purchase, FastTech‘s took 40 days. Yes, shipping was more expensive at $9 with PostNL, but the product was cheaper there, so the overall price was considerably lower than FastTech’s overall price. Everyone understands that Covid has effected delivery times, but this doesn’t excuse the poor follow-up by the shipping agents, nor the fact that other companies manage to deliver their inventory a bit faster.

I am not saying these problems are all FastTech’s fault, though they do choose which providers and shipping choices we must use. For example, what if FastTech offered an array of choices for shipping with differing approximate arrival dates (after which a refund was available) clearly listed on the shipping menu? What about listing reviews from customers that rate the shipping choices? What about shipping choices that are somewhere between the cheapest and the horrendous prices UPS charges? Would we get better value for money? Do we want to have the choice to pay $9 for shipping just to know it will arrive before we forget why we ordered it in the first place? ;-)

FastTech wants to improve their service despite Covid and the challenges vaping is facing in the States, and I for one am grateful for that.

Edit: While I was writing this, FastTech replied that they are already in action! They are trying, so we should help them help us!