Swapped alot of flashlights in and out the cart.... this one i think is staying. SKU 9656968. I can change the mode to just a simple on/off. If lumens are correct, this should fit my bill.

Most quality flashlights give slightly less lm than they're rated for, due to lens, reflector and LED heat loss. The difference might be measurable, but it's not visible. (unless there's a problem) And Convoy lights are very good quality.

The option for that drop-in module is always there if you want to make your 501B brighter in the future.

If FT ever gets back to business and you order the Convoy, post back here with your opinion when it arrives.

Good luck. :)

Btw, those drop-ins will also work in 502B models and/or other brands of 501/502B flashlights.