Thank you.

I will be examining the DIY leads that desuade posted.

furcifernova, I have inserted a couple pictures of the bulb housing below that shows the approximate dimensions. It looks like I have an 11 to 15 mm hole to work with. I've also got 15 to 18 mm behind the reflector, if needed. I have about 32 mm within the reflector itself. So if I could mount the new emitter and its reflector inside the current reflector, that would be cool. The driver could then be placed behind the current reflector or inside the housing. But I do wonder if I'll need to run a second wire. The current bulb gets its second lead through the housing. Will that be a problem?

I'll definitely be using 18650 batteries. There is plenty of room inside the housing, so I don't believe positioning them to provide a decent balance is going to be a problem.

I see where you are going with the UlraFire suggestion. I like the idea. I see on that page there is a UltraFire 5-Mode 1000LM White Light Drop-in Module. I'm not keen on the strobe and SOS, but I'd rather have 1000 lumen and three normal modes versus 700 lumen. So I have to ask, (1) is there a drop-in brighter than 1000 lumen and (2) do these drop-in modules have the driver included or is that a separate unit that needs to be acquired?

Now on to do a little studying of the material desuade pointed me towards.

Thanks again,