Inkitatus wrote:

Nymzavril wrote:
FYI, I'm probably on that list, so you'll be in good company ;-)

Guess I am already mate my ex wife maliciously handed in a ww1 British bayonet,a Fairbain-sykes ww2 commando (grandfathers) & a £600 ww2 katana to the p*lice when we split. :-((

I used to have a WW2 Fairbain and SS Dagger both from my father, seized by Police in a raid. Bugger. The WW2 general issue Katana was mass produced, but still collectible. Americans were taught to block Jap officer swords with their rifles, which worked, unless they were unfortunate enough to come up against a Jap that carried an original family sword, which didn't work. lol

I am truly blessed today, my post survived a captcha. I am invincible! :D