Where do you store your knives?
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OK, so quick update on this.

horst.the.worst wrote:

Gladly, the next candidate was a winner - MTech's fold-up knife pouch:(click for hi-res)Nice & cozy, but still rather pricey (I paid almost 60eur for 5pcs).

I ended up purchasing 3 of those M-Tech pouches based on Horst's comments.
I found the price to be good, paid $6 per pouch and another $5 or so for shipping to a family member in the US. Then my wife brought them when she went there a month ago.
The pouches are very nice, good quality nylon and nice padding inside to protect the knives.
However I wasn't completely happy with them. The pouch will nicely carry 12 smaller knives (100mm when folded) however, if putting larger knives (120mm+) on both sides, then it becomes almost impossible to close the pouch. If they would have made it something like 30mm longer on both sides, it would have been perfect.

Someone else in this thread mentioned the Pelican case but I found them to be way to pricey for my need.
Yet, yesterday I was at Canadian Tires (a Canadian department store) and going thru the aisles, when I saw one of their aluminum tool boxes that was in the style of these Pelican cases. Comes with pre-cut foan inside to customize whatever you put in. Best part of all, it was on sale for 25 bucks :D

The butterfly in the case is 130mm long and the case closes fine.
It looks like it will easily store 40/50 knives depending on size while keeping them pretty spaced out, more if leaving the the minimum foam between them.

So if any of our Canadian members are looking for a nice storage box for their knives, I really recommend this one.
The case is on sale until tomorrow (23rd) and after that it goes back to $40 (which is still not bad).
Just go to the CT website and look for "aluminum tool box" and it will be the 1st hit.