zatrix wrote:

Aren't you giving this advice from your own experience, and this is a your method and behavior of trolls similar to you?

Look at my "Joined" date, May 2013. I've pissed of a few regular posters here since then. AFAIK, I haven't said anything remotely insulting about you.

I have not nor will ever be concerned about the opinions of a few individuals on a forum. However, I have not pronounced an ultimatum that I will never buy anything here again, that's burning a bridge. If you honestly want any advice from FT forum members, now or in the future, my advice is to take the easy route and make a new account to post from as the one you are using is permanently tainted.

I have given very similar advice before, only to those that have also declared they will never buy from here again yet ask for advice on products they have not purchased. It's like any breakup, when you say you're done then walk away. If you still want to tell the internet about your dissatisfaction, use one or more of the other forums/websites/reddit/etc that are available. As nothing is ever perfect, you will find plenty to agree with you somewhere else.

TL;DR? you've burned the bridge.