I like the look of the Real Steel T3000.
Kind of like a SRM 7046 on steroids :)

I didn't know Sanrenmu was making multitools.
The WA721 looks really nice.
The problem seem to be where to find those.
A bit of web search leads to old ebay listings.
It looks like they have different models. I came across WA621/622/721/751 however, It's pretty much impossible to find all their models since SRM doesn't have a website.
Which poses a question, with so many knife models, why don't they have a website?
Does anyone know of some kind of webpage or blog that would list all the SRM models by any chance?

On a side note, while I like the look of the WA721, the old listings seem to indicate that they sell in the $25/30 range. For around the same price, one could get a Victorinox equivalent that has been tried and true and offers lifetime warranty so I could see why they would have a hard time entering the Western market.